Decided it was time to update on some cool stuff I’ve found in the last few […]
I’m a big fan of topic specific communication boards. I know this is controversial. There is […]
Wed 5th April 2023 I’m always coming across cool stuff about AAC and from the AAC […]
A few years ago I had a different blog that I didn’t do much with. Today […]
I reckon on my scale of 1-10 today was a solid 8! I think I know […]
I think on balance today was also a 5-6. Usual morning same as yesterday. Got up […]
In an aim to get back into the pattern of recording our AAC journey and because […]
I’ve been trying to post or share something every day for AAC awareness month. I’m just […]
Watch this vlog to find out…
I figured my first post should go some way to explain why I’m writing the blog […]

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