Who is Mummy vs AAC?

Watch this vlog to find out…


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  1. This is a really interesting question. I think we’ve always used all kinds of AAC. When we talk about AAC we sometimes use the terms aided and unaided AAC. Aided means using symbols, objects, devices… essentially something extra. Unaided includes gesture, facial expression humans have been using these forever. In terms of aided AAC yes I think there is a move to using more symbols like emojis and technologies. I think there are some differences though. The AAC were developing at home with Noodle is a whole language system. We’re building her language and communication using symbols (on paper and on an iPad) as part of the process of language learning. Much of what we use in the modern world assumes that someone has the language skills to apply to technology. Certain for many people who use AAC due to an acquired communication disability this is the case. For children learning language it isn’t, it’s part of learning language in the same way that taking to typical language learners is. Hope that makes some sense!!

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